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For the “misbehaving women.” The rebels; the different ones. The women who are too much and never enough. We’ve heard it all: “You can’t. You won’t.” 

The truth? We’re f*cking dreamers. Visionaries. Changemakers. Determined. Fierce. Daring.

And we believe you are, too. 

LET'S get more money, resources, and success into the hands of women.

Our philosophy is simple: Everything starts with strategy. We don’t do “just a pretty logo.” Everything we touch for you will be tied to tangible business ROI. We nerd out on the deep shit most other designers completely ignore. We want to help you create a legacy, because that’s the only way the world - and your world - will actually change.

Daring Creative was born out of a dream to help diverse and powerful women realize that they can, in fact, do the damn thing. Whether you’re an immigrant (like our founder), a First Generation daughter, came from nothing, worked hard for everything, or had everyone else tell you couldn’t based on your background, skin color, size, shape, or gender - we’re here to tell you: You DO deserve this moment. And we’re here to help.

You deserve a LEGACY brand.

Kristen is our social media guru, who, when given a challenge, does everything in her power to solve it with a positive attitude. Social media isn't just a job; it's her passion. She fell in love with helping clients figure out what works best for them and their audience so they can not only stand out amongst the competition, but also make a difference in their industry and the world.

She's also a mom of 3 who spends her time off of Instagram at her kids' hockey games and gymnastic tournaments.

Kristen King

social media manager

With 10+ years of experience in corporate communications and marketing, a Master of Rhetorical Communication, and more than 50 small business branding projects under her belt, Sasha will be your lead strategist and designer. Plus, she formerly owned and operated her own spray tan salon and storefront in Philadelphia, PA. 

As an immigrant, daughter of a single mother, a Type A perfectionist, and a mom herself - Sasha's mission is to show women they truly can do anything.

Sasha Fedunchak


junior graphic designer

Malka was born in Ukraine, got her degree in NYC, and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.
She supports all design projects on the team. Since she was little she's always had a passion for art, varying from illustrations to painting to digital posters. So being a graphic designer just felt like something she was always meant to do.

In addition to art, her hobbies include reading, baking, gaming, and other creative things!

Malka Shtern

Alexandra is our back-end and front-end wiz, who ensures our client experience is top notch. With more than 6 years of experience in various CRM tools, program management, and a love for reporting, Alexandra will make sure your project goes off without a hitch. With a keen eye for systems and processes, she solves problems before they ever become problems.

When she's not running the behind-the-scenes at Daring Creative, she's enjoying time with her fiancé, Jim, and their cats.

Alexandra Gladkikh

online business manager

Our style is versatile; leveraging modern typography, drool-worthy color combinations, and heart-stopping visuals at the forefront of our designs.

breaking the mold

Our ‘strategy first, design later’ approach ensures you get more than “pretty” branding - you get profit-generating, strategic assets that set you up for real growth.


We treat our clients the same way we run our business - with compassion, empathy, professionalism, and white glove care.


Our methods are rooted in a decade’s worth of corporate experience building internal and external brands and - oh yeah - bringing results to the yard for dozens of small businesses.


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Instead, let Daring Creative make your vision even better than you could’ve imagined so you can book out your services, sell out of your products, grow your brand, and design the dream business you deserve.






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